Still processing it all and just amazed how much happened. It is still flowing and overflowing. Amazing, transforming, refreshing, etc… It was beyond my expectations.
I haven’t been this joyful in a looong time. This peace that passes all understanding…it’s priceless. You all were used by God so mightily in my life this past weekend…and more to come! :o) I sleep longer and better these days, I never thought I could be this happy!
I came to a Dash Away weekend not fully knowing what to expect. I had never been to a retreat of any kind so this was all new to me. I spent the weekend with a very diverse group of amazing women with whom for the first time in my life I felt no judgment. I was able to be myself with no fear. Wanting to be free of fear, I told God I really wanted to quit smoking, so I didn’t smoke that weekend. I got so much support from everyone that I didn’t even feel the urge. I have now been 2 months free of cigarettes and have no cravings. So thanks to diligent prayers and feelings of acceptance I was delivered.
The best weekend in my life!
My Dash-Away Weekend was all I had hoped for, and so much more! God clearly spoke to me through Bible study, meditation, and the challenging words of Cathy and Melinda. But God didn’t stop there. Although we arrived as strangers from all over the region, we left as sisters, wholly united by our love for the Lord. I can’t wait to go back!
I felt God really speak to me in a new, deeper level. I managed to offload some of the shame I’ve been carrying… God just plain showed up!”
Almost seventy-eight years ago I was born into a Presbyterian family resulting in my being raised a “frozen chosen”. At Dash-Away, God used the ministry, Simply-Worship, to begin the thawing process. Through the gifting of Cathy and Melinda the Holy Spirit was beautifully and gently experienced, I am grateful for my spirit being ushered into the presence of my Abba Father through the music, the word sung and spoken. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift of Himself!