In addition to the full Dash Away Weekend experience for women, we also offer half or full day "Taste of Dash Aways" which can be customized for groups of women only, or for groups that include both men and women.  The experience is abbreviated for time, but the essence and content of the weekend experience are preserved to the best of our ability within our time constraints. Even though they are shorter than the full weekend, Taste of Dash Aways are still incredibly profound and life-changing encounters with God's Presence.

Taste of Dash Aways include: 

  • Powerful times of worship
  • A shared meal or two depending on whether it is a full or half day event
  • Effective tools that help each participant connect with Jesus in transforming ways

Taste of Dash Away's do not require lodging, therefore:

  • They are less expensive to facilitate
  • They can involve larger groups -- up to 30
  • They can be customized for women only or for mixed groups of both men and women

For more information, please contact us.