Simply-Worship began in the spring of 2010 as a result of an invitation to dream again.  Cathy Little was almost 2 years into a healing journey that began in 2008 after what she calls an “epic crash and burn” in her personal life. There were places in her life where God wanted her attention, and He got it. Her choice was to embrace the process of what He wanted to do in order to realize a healing like she had never known.

God placed her into care of an amazing church in the northwest suburbs of Atlanta, GA where she was surrounded with the help she needed to walk out the journey. One day, while meeting in his office, her pastor, Terry Cantrell, who continues to be part of Simply-Worship’s Pastoral Care Team, invited her to dream again.

Since Cathy had been a worship leader for many years, and because she had experienced the pain and devastation of her own brokenness, Simply-Worship launched with a focus on training and developing worship leaders from the inside out; from places of authenticity, integrity and personal intimacy with God, and then to practical tools for effective worship leadership.

She came alongside another ministry start up with similar values and began leading worship and speaking at their events.  At one of those events held in Black Mountain, NC, God connected her with Melinda Wilson who was videoing the conference.  There was an immediate connection in the Spirit as God quickly united their hearts as sisters.  These ladies knew that God had something for the two of them to do together in ministry, but they had no idea what it was. It would take over a year for them to discover it.

Prior to meeting Cathy in March of 2011, Melinda had been on her own healing journey and was seeking the Lord for her next step in full-time ministry to which she had been called as a teenager.

Melinda moved to Atlanta seeking more training and exposure as a videographer, but during the year she was there, God began moving both of their hearts to the mountains of western North Carolina where they had originally met.

The plan they believed they were following was to partner with another ministry in the area, however, just a few months after moving to North Carolina, those doors closed.  As you can imagine, this brought with it confusion and disappointment, yet, they continued to have a strong sense that they were exactly where they were meant to be.

While walking around the lake near where they lived, Cathy began asking God, “Now what?” Almost immediately, God began downloading the entire blueprint for what is now Dash Away Weekends for Women.

With great anticipation and excitement, both Cathy and Melinda came into agreement with where God was leading them. The vision for the ministry expanded beyond training worship leaders to include the entire Church, the Bride of Christ, to create a place where she can find wholeness and healing, so that the sound of her life will release the Kingdom of God to those around her. 

Together they launched the first Dash Away Weekend in February 2013 with 14 ladies attending. Even with some blown fuses, a rare snowfall, air mattresses and hard chairs, God moved profoundly. All the feedback they received from the ladies was an emphatic, “YES! God is in this. You have to run with it!”

As Melinda and Cathy began sharing testimonies on social media and in their newsletters of what God was doing at these events, they received an invitation from an American friend of Melinda’s who lives in Scotland saying that they must bring Dash Away to the northeast of Scotland because there is nothing like it there. After only 3 events here in the US, Dash Away #4 and #5 launched the international arm of Simply-Worship in Oct/Nov 2013.

Also in the fall of 2013, Simply-Worship became a recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, miraculously only 3 months after submitting the application. Since then, their team has grown to include a Board of Directors, a Pastoral Care Team, volunteer staff and an Advisory Team in Scotland and Ireland.

Simply-Worship continues to create places for people to encounter the life-changing presence of God.  The primary context for this is through encounter events both here in the US and overseas. Their travels have already taken them from North Carolina to Georgia, to Virginia and California. Many more states are in the queue.  Internationally, they have returned to Scotland 5 times and to Ireland twice in less than 3 years.  


In 2016, God began expanding the vision to include larger groups, and to include both men and women. In addition to weekend events, Simply-Worship also facilitates Encounter Days, and 1-2 hour workshops.  

February 2017: Cathy and Melinda were credentialed with and ordained by The River Fellowship. See 

April/May 2017: Simply-Worship began exploring strategic ministry partnerships and relationships that will enable more sustainable long term ministry overseas. These partnerships will also provide a home base and covering in Scotland, as well as connect us with a larger team of prayer ministers from which to draw for events.


To be continued....