• Are you part of a ladies' Bible Study group?

  • Do you serve alongside other women leaders?

  • Do you and your friends enjoy getting away together for a girls' weekend?  

  • Would you like that weekend to include an opportunity to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus?

  • Are you hungry for more of Him and His Presence? 

Then hosting a Dash Away is definitely for you! 

The ideal retreat size is 8-12 ladies. We keep it small on purpose as it creates a very safe and comfortable environment. You can come to us in the mountains of western North Carolina, or we can come to you!  Dash Away retreats are totally portable and entirely customizable.  Let's talk!

We will need your help on the following: (NOTE: Location is only a factor when gathering outside of our home base area in Western North Carolina.)



Planning for a Dash-Away needs to begin at least 2 months before the retreat.  Dash-Aways are generally scheduled for a Friday evening beginning at 7 p.m. and they run until noon on Sunday. This can be adjusted to fit your needs, however, the amount of time together should be a minimum of 30 hours. *We’ve had some retreats scheduled during the week so as to make it possible for those who work weekends to attend. We can customize Dash-Away to fit your needs.


In those cases where a full weekend away is not an option, we do provide a half day or full day "Taste of Dash Away." The experience is abbreviated for time, but the essence and content of the weekend are preserved to the best of our ability within our time constraints. Taste of Dash Aways are still incredibly powerful moments of encounter. For more information, please contact us. Or check out the Taste of Dash Away page here on our site. 


We’ll work together on this one. :o) The budget depends on several factors, but is most affected by location and lodging. Our goal is to keep each retreat less than $150 for each participant. We do our best to keep the cost as low as possible.*  NOTE: When extensive travel is involved, we may need a little extra help from your church or group. We are funded primarily by donations and because we try to keep registration costs as low as possible for retreats in the USA, we often have to raise money to cover travel costs.

*Because of our passion for missions and our commitment to serve those in other cultures, all international Dash Away Weekends are fully funded by private donors.  There is no registration fee overseas, however, for fundraising purposes, we do still need a budget!

For information on how you can sow into our international Dash Away Weekends by providing scholarships or by sponsoring specific weekends, click here.


When we are outside of our local area, we need your help securing a venue. Each Dash-Away requires lodging that will sleep a minimum of 12-14 people. Ideally, we want everyone under one roof so as to facilitate community building, a key component to the retreat, and for an opportunity for ladies to fully unplug from their day-to-day responsibilities. 

We also need a common meeting space where 12-14 people can gather comfortably. We do some interactive activities on the first night of the retreat which require space, so a larger living room type space would be ideal.  

We also need a full kitchen and a place where we can enjoy meals together. A large table is the dream ideal, but if we can at least eat in the same space, that will do.


This is the most important piece. We need your help in promoting the retreat. We can’t have a Dash-Away without the ladies! We will provide you with marketing material that you can print and/or email to your friends. We also have online registration through Eventbrite set up right here on our website. We will promote your Dash-Away via our Facebook pages if necessary. The best way to gain exposure and to get ladies to engage is by a personal invitation from you! Share the links and talk it up wherever you can.  Our minimum number of ladies is 8, the maximum is 12, however, if necessary, we can adjust and accommodate.

When we are outside of our home area, it is likely that we will need some extra help with food and meal prep.  If that is the case, here is what that might look like:


Dinner Friday and lunch Sunday are not typically provided at Dash Away, but we can adjust that if necessary. The meals that are always included are a Continental breakfast for early risers (typically involving fruit, granola bars, oatmeal and yogurt), brunch (The items just listed plus some breakfast casseroles and/or quiche and maybe a coffee cake or other home bakes!), and dinner (Typically an easy taco salad bar with lots of toppings or chili and a hearty soup. Sometimes pizza!). We also have an ice cream sundae bar Saturday night. We typically have leftover Continental breakfast and brunch items on Sunday morning. If the ladies have to travel on Sunday, we will also include a build-your-own-to-go sandwich bar. NOTE: We always provide both vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Depending on the location, we may need you to shop for and prep food ahead of the retreat. We will reimburse all food receipts fully at the retreat. If you need an advance, let us know and we’ll work it out.   We also have recipes and shopping lists, so no worries! The budget for food typically runs less than $200. Everyone pitches in during the retreat to set things out, serve and clean up, so this won’t fall on you. 

 We’ve done these weekends enough to find easy ways to pull off the meals with minimal prep. Most of it can be done the day or two before so that little will need to be done during the actual retreat other than heating things up and setting things out. We will work with you to help you know what we need, as well as how to do it in the most efficient way possible.

*The ladies are instructed ahead of the retreat to bring snacks to share, so this fills in the blanks and gives us plenty of things to munch on between meals.  We never have a shortage of food – and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to feed everyone. We have only 10-14 mouths to feed so it’s not overwhelming.