Although we raise money for our trips overseas, International Dash Away Retreats are not all that we do. This means that there are many costs involved in simply running the ministry whether at home or abroad. Regular, monthly donations fund our ministry travel here in the United States, provide scholarships when needed for ladies to attend US Dash Away's, cover various marketing and supply costs, fund staff salaries and pay for other operational expenses. 

Our GroTEAM is made up of people who give on a consistent, monthly basis. They are a critical component to not only sustaining the ministry, but enabling it to grow!  

Will you join our GroTEAM by committing to a monthly donation of $15, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more each month to forward the vision and mission of Simply-Worship?   Every dollar makes a difference! YOU make a difference!

Join our GroTEAM right here!

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Electronic Giving Through Your Bank (PREFERRED)

Set up recurring gifts through your personal bank via online bill pay to Simply-Worship. Our mailing address is: Simply-Worship, PO Box 92, Black Mountain, NC 28711. 

Paper Checks (PREFERRED)

Payable to Simply-Worship, PO Box 92, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

PayPal Giving Fund (Please see important info below)

Simply-Worship is part of the PayPal Giving Fund. To donate online, you'll find PayPal donate buttons on the right side of both the Home page and here, as well as in the footer of this website. Simply click on the link, put in your amount and check the box that says "Make this recurring." 

**NOTE: The PayPal Giving Fund is not currently allowing for donations to be recurring on a monthly basis. If you choose to give online, please note that your donation will need to be initiated by you each month and will not be automatic.

**NOTE: When giving through the PayPal Giving Fund, Simply-Worship receives 100% of your donation. No fees are assessed. HOWEVER, for this benefit, donations are held within the fund for up to 7 weeks. You will receive a tax deductible receipt at the time of your donation directly from PayPal Giving Fund.