Reunion in Edinburgh and a Taster

Week 3 / 30 April - 7 May

And just like that, 3 weeks have flown by! Our schedules have been very full, to the point where we are having to schedule in time off, and then fight to keep it! But even though quite busy, this trip has been so, so good.  **NOTE: The highlight of the week comes at the end of the blog, so be sure not to miss it!

From what we have both heard and experience, the area of Glasgow where we are based, Whiteinch, has more of a community feel than other areas of the city.  We are walking distance from most anything we need: the church, beautiful Victoria Park, train stations, and even the city centre - if you're up for a 3 mile walk one way. Often we run into people we know when walking in the park, or popping into the Tesco mini market down the block. The church has been intentional about being part of their community,  They don't come in from afar to change it, they become part of it and allow the Light they carry to change it from within. 

The Fast Train to Edinburgh

 Cathy, Terry Cantrell, Jason and Fernanda Warnock (Sozo Team), Melissa and Justin Rogers (on holiday), Heather and Lance Canter (Missionaries)

Cathy, Terry Cantrell, Jason and Fernanda Warnock (Sozo Team), Melissa and Justin Rogers (on holiday), Heather and Lance Canter (Missionaries)

This past week started with a quick jaunt across the Central Belt to Edinburgh where we had the opportunity to see Pastor Terry Cantrell and a small team from my (Cathy) former home church, Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, GA.  They were here for a week to do some inner healing prayer ministry with Crossroads Church. We had heard that the team would be here and that Terry would be preaching before we left the States. Since Edinburgh is a short train ride from Glasgow, we knew we could be there to see him.  It ended up being a bit of a Riverstone reunion!   

Terry is very important to me (Cathy). In 2010, he invited me to dream again after walking with me through a profound healing journey.  Simply-Worship was born as a result of his invitation. He is on our ministry's pastoral care team. Did you know that we have a pastoral care team, and that each of us, Melinda and myself, each have a spiritual director? Yep. We do! And they are both amazing.



Closer to Home

The rest of the week we stayed close to home. We have led worship for the church's prophetic community gathering, and attended the SHAPE course, which is a 5-week class designed to help people find their fit (Spiritual gifts, Heart's desires, Abilities, Personality types and Experiences with God). We will be leading worship for a full day installment of the class in a couple of weeks. We've also been attending the church staff meetings, and had lunch out with some of our new friends.

This church has been so incredibly welcoming of us, and so many want to have us over or take us out for a meal. It's hard to find time time to fit it all in, and often when we schedule a meal, we have to change it because so much is clamoring for our time right now. But it is so wonderful to keep being asked!

 The Guys manning the grill

The Guys manning the grill

Barbecue in the Country

One of the invitations we were able to keep was for a Scottish barbecue at our hostess Shona's home about 40 minutes outside of Glasgow. The dining room was full of friends last night as we ate burgers and sausages and chicken kabobs around her table. The weather here has been amazing - sunny skies and warmer temps during the day (although it chills right down as the sun starts to set!) We keep meaning to get a photo with Shona to share so you can all meet her, but haven't done so yet. 

 Shona's back yard friends

Shona's back yard friends

 Sunset in the country

Sunset in the country

HIGHLIGHT: Taste of Dash Away

The highlight of the week was the opportunity to lead a Taste of Dash Away for the Saorsa inner healing prayer team on Saturday. We had 11 attend and 3 of them were men!

 A fun Team building activity called "The Machine" which models how we are many individual parts, but all functioning as one body.

A fun Team building activity called "The Machine" which models how we are many individual parts, but all functioning as one body.

This was a significant event for us on many levels. It's the first official "Dash Away context" event we've led since we were in Scotland last year, it included both men and women, and it was for a team of people who are already experienced and trained in inner healing.  They came not only for an encounter with God, but also to learn from some of the tools and the ministry approach that we carry. They mainly work one-on-one with clients, and what we do is more working with groups so this was new for them. 

There is  potential for this team to come alongside us as prayer ministers at future events, and to provide follow up with attendees after the weekend, which has been the biggest hole to this point. We shall see what God wants to do....  It was wonderful to be "back in the saddle" again!

Coming Up

Looking forward into the next week, we actually have 2 days off!!! WooHoo! They are very much needed, and will be protected! We plan to do some sightseeing tomorrow with friends, and are looking forward to sitting in on some inner healing Saorsa appointments this week. We will also be returning to Edinburgh with Shona for some training she will be doing, as well as a prophetic conference later in the week.

That's it for now.  Still more to come.....


Cathy Little

Over 25 years as a worship leader, God has birthed in Cathy’s heart a burning desire for the deeper waters of authentic worship. She is passionate not only to see worship leaders be empowered and released to lead God’s people effectively and powerfully into His presence, but also that the Bride of Christ as a whole have an encounter with God’s true heart for Her. It is through authentic encounter where lives are forever transformed and worship becomes the sound of one’s life, not just the sound of one’s voice. She also loves to teach, train and mentor leaders and all creatives, helping them realize the fullness of their creative destiny.

In addition to being the founder of Simply-Worship, Inc, she also serves on the lead team at and as part of the steering committee for The Experience Conference. a national conference for worship leaders held annually in Dallas, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

Cathy is the author of, “Shame on You No More! A Worship Leader’s Journey,” and the EP, “Safely Through,” which we recorded in 2011.

Cathy has been a musician and singer-songwriter for most of her life. She grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania on the South Shores of Lake Erie and is the youngest of 6 children. She carries a degree in Organizational Communications and Professional Writing from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.