Week 6 / 22 - 28 June

This week started off in a lower gear. We had some inner healing appointments, and God moved powerfully - as He always does. But otherwise, a slower start to the week, which was really wonderful as it gave us time to prepare and study for some things that came later in the week.

Thursday was a very full day as we attended an all day retreat with the Whiteinch staff on a beautiful farm in the country. It was a glorious warm and sunny day, so much so that the meeting moved outside. We had the privilege of leading worship surrounded by a soft breeze, the blazing sun, and the voices of birds who joined us with their song. Although Cathy always leads worship with no shoes on, this was the first time it was warm enough for her to go completely barefoot in the soft Scottish grass.

 Unseen Power of Worship teaching at Whiteinch

Unseen Power of Worship teaching at Whiteinch

After the retreat, and a quick dinner at Shona's house, we made our way back to Whiteinch where Cathy taught on the Unseen Power of Worship. This is a workshop she has taught at The Experience Conference in Orlando a couple of times, and also at some of the Dash Away retreats.  We had a full house as she taught some powerful truths about sound, frequencies, and vibrations and the power of our worship - which is not only the sound of our voices, but even more importantly, the sound of our lives. 

We broadcast the teaching live on Facebook. If you'd like to watch it, and are on Facebook, you can find it by clicking  HERE.

 Our sweet Helen!

Our sweet Helen!

On Friday, we had the absolute pleasure of having lunch with our dear friend, Helen Brough who was in the area for meetings. Helen is on our UK Advisory Team. What a treat!  This woman is a strong and influential leader here in Scotland, and she carries a great amount of wisdom.  But even beyond that, she's just a bundle of fun! We love our Helen!

From lunch, we set off on an adventure. Weeks ago, one of the locals had told us about some beautiful walking trails in a nearby town called Milngavie. Let us help you with the pronunciation of that. It's not spelled how it sounds. It's "məl-GUY."  Why? I have no idea, but for someone who learned to read with the 1970s version of "Hooked on Phonics," this one is a mind-bender.

Anyway, our friend was right about the walking trails. Milngavie is the beginning of the West Highland Way a 96 mile trail to Fort William.  What we didn't realise is just how far we would be walking once we got into Mugdock Country Park.  We wandered from the town into and across much of park to the tune of about 7 miles. It was a gorgeous, warm and sunny day, and the scenery just couldn't be beat. Here are some photos from our adventure.

 The beauty never quits...Mugdock Country Park, Milngavie, United Kingdom

The beauty never quits...Mugdock Country Park, Milngavie, United Kingdom

The week rounded out with us leading worship on Saturday morning for the Shape course which had an all day installment, and sharing at an addiction recovery/discipleship group on Sunday afternoon.

Our time here is moving so quickly. Where the first half of our trip seemed to be moving very slowly, something happened when we hit the mid point, and we are working hard to not let any moments slip by. 

 Open air seating in our wee flat on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Scotland.

Open air seating in our wee flat on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Scotland.

Our hearts have been woven into the fabric of this community. God is establishing key relationships for us here, and He is opening up some doors that we never expected. There is a path clearing and we are incredibly excited and grateful!

Thanks for praying for us, and for continuing to follow what we're up to by reading our blogs. It really does mean a great deal.

Blessings to you all.

Until next week...



Cathy Little

Over 25 years as a worship leader, God has birthed in Cathy’s heart a burning desire for the deeper waters of authentic worship. She is passionate not only to see worship leaders be empowered and released to lead God’s people effectively and powerfully into His presence, but also that the Bride of Christ as a whole have an encounter with God’s true heart for Her. It is through authentic encounter where lives are forever transformed and worship becomes the sound of one’s life, not just the sound of one’s voice. She also loves to teach, train and mentor leaders and all creatives, helping them realize the fullness of their creative destiny.

In addition to being the founder of Simply-Worship, Inc, she also serves on the lead team at WorshipMinistry.com and as part of the steering committee for The Experience Conference. a national conference for worship leaders held annually in Dallas, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

Cathy is the author of, “Shame on You No More! A Worship Leader’s Journey,” and the EP, “Safely Through,” which we recorded in 2011.

Cathy has been a musician and singer-songwriter for most of her life. She grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania on the South Shores of Lake Erie and is the youngest of 6 children. She carries a degree in Organizational Communications and Professional Writing from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.