Aslan is on the Move

For those of you who are continuing to stay engaged with the trip by reading our blogs, we send a HUGE thank you! It really does encourage us!

We just finished up Dash Away #28 in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland.  Eleven ladies joined us for what was probably the hardest fought weekend as far as enemy push back is concerned. Melinda had some extreme physical challenges leading into the weekend which prevented her from fully engaging.  Still, God moved.  He doesn't have to come, but He always does. He shows up and changes everything.

We had a variety of women join us, all of whom were in different stages of their walk with the Lord. In addition to the UK and Ireland, we also had a several nations represented including Venezuela, Germany, Finland and South Africa, to name a few.

Each of these ladies took advantage of personal prayer ministry, which meant that our prayer minister, Beverly, was fully booked up with nine ladies. Melinda and Ihad the privilege of praying with the remaining two.  It never gets old watching God reveal and heal things that the ladies are often unaware are in need of healing. He knows, and He's been waiting for such a time as this.

Our venue for this retreat was in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, surrounded by the Mountains of Mourne. This area is known to be the inspiration for C.S. Lewis' "Narnia." Below is a photo of a stone on top of one of the mountains which is said to have been the inspiration for the altar on which Aslan was sacrificed in the movie of the classic, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."


“They say Aslan is on the move—perhaps he has already landed,” [said Beaver].

(From "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.")

Aslan is on the move!!  Yes, our God is indeed on the move, not just here in the UK and Ireland, and not just through Simply-Worship. He is on the move globally. He is inviting us deeper into His presence, for it is in His presence, in the Holy of Holies, where we are transformed. He wants us to know who He really is - from a personal encounter with Him, not from the way someone describes Him to be. And, He wants us to know who we truly are, propelled into the destiny He has for each of us as carriers of His presence here on the earth.

Our team is moving south tomorrow to Greystones, Ireland for Dash Away #29. This trip is going by so fast! God has been moving powerfully in the lives of the ladies who have attended, and even more so in each of us.  There is something profound that happens inside of you as you give yourself away for the sake of the call of God on your life. We are not who we were when we left North Carolina. We are experiencing things here that we can never convey in a blog post, or even in a conversation. It has been a deep work. We are forever altered.

It has been hard and it has been amazing.  There has been much joy, and there has been much pain. It has been exhilarating and it has been exhausting. There have been times in our flesh when we have wanted to give up because the enemy push back is so exhausting.  Yet, this is the call we carry. We are honored. We are humbled. We wouldn't trade it for the world.




Cathy Little

Over 25 years as a worship leader, God has birthed in Cathy’s heart a burning desire for the deeper waters of authentic worship. She is passionate not only to see worship leaders be empowered and released to lead God’s people effectively and powerfully into His presence, but also that the Bride of Christ as a whole have an encounter with God’s true heart for Her. It is through authentic encounter where lives are forever transformed and worship becomes the sound of one’s life, not just the sound of one’s voice. She also loves to teach, train and mentor leaders and all creatives, helping them realize the fullness of their creative destiny.

In addition to being the founder of Simply-Worship, Inc, she also serves on the lead team at and as part of the steering committee for The Experience Conference. a national conference for worship leaders held annually in Dallas, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

Cathy is the author of, “Shame on You No More! A Worship Leader’s Journey,” and the EP, “Safely Through,” which we recorded in 2011.

Cathy has been a musician and singer-songwriter for most of her life. She grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania on the South Shores of Lake Erie and is the youngest of 6 children. She carries a degree in Organizational Communications and Professional Writing from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.