Because Jesus is in the business of changing lives, releasing destiny and propelling His Church into the purpose for which she was created...

Because it is only when we know WHO we are designed to be that we are able to DO what we are destined to do: to be part of God's plan to establish His Kingdom on the earth as it is in Heaven (Mt. 6:10), to BE witnesses (Acts 1:8), to BE the salt that makes the world taste better because we are in it (Mt. 5:13) and to BE light that draws attention to Him (Mt. 5:14).

Because He is passionate to restore the broken, heal the sick, redeem the lost, free the captives and bring wholeness to the hurting... 

Because His Presence and His power leave us forever changed...

We are a Presence-driven, Kingdom-focused ministry devoted to helping the Bride of Christ, the Church, get ready for His return, to experience the fullness and freedom for which Christ set us free, by creating places for authentic life-changing encounters with the heart of the Father, the Presence of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit. We do this through passionate worship, training, discipleship, inner healing prayer ministry and more.


Here on the site, you can find out more about who we are and what we do both here in the US and overseas in the UK and Ireland. You can also make an investment in the Kingdom by GIVING. Thank you for visiting. We hope you will find what you're looking for.  If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Information alone will not transform you. Real change happens through encounter. Simply Worship is available to lead experiential and interactive retreats and workshops to help you connect with Truth in a way that changes you. We also provide training and discipleship, as well as personal inner healing prayer ministry.

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International Connection

Our international influence has been expanding exponentially with huge favor, wide open doors and great hunger for what God has called us to. Find out more about our ministry overseas and meet the phenomenal team of Advisors He has assembled around us.

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Make A Difference

We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and to make a difference. One sure way is to partner with what God is doing. Here is an outstanding opportunity for you to partner with what God is doing through Simply-Worship. The testimonies speak for themselves. God is transforming lives. He is healing and restoring. He is making His Bride ready. Please partner with us and make a difference!